• Thirty two years of experience in teaching at the University Level. Associate Professor. MBA program courses in Management and Marketing. Focus on creativity enhancement, innovation, idea generation, out-of-the box thinking, problem-solving. University courses, seminars, training and coaching in North America, Europe, South America and South East Asia.
  •  9 Years of Business Development, CEO, and Profit and Loss Management Experience in Asia.
  • 20 Years experience in the Software, Information, Asia Sales, Tourism, Energy, Construction, and Subscription Industries.
  •  Proven Corporate P&L Management and Business Development Experience in the USA, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.
  •  Proven Sales Success in Asia
  •  Proven Ability to Get Press and Work the Media.
  • Skilled negotiator, International Deal Finder and Closer.



 1985: Tốt nghiệp Đại học Kinh tế TP. HCM, ngành Kế toán

 1996: Thạc sĩ Kinh tế tại Đại học Kinh tế TP. HCM, ngành Tài chính - Kế toán

 1999: Chương trình Giảng dạy Kinh tế Fulbright (FETP) thuộc Viện Quốc tế Phát triển Harvard (HIID) nay thuộc Đại học Harvard Kennedy

 2000: Phân tích tài chính và Mô hình hoá rủi ro (FARM) của FETP

 2007: Tiến sĩ ngành Quản trị kinh doanh (DBA) tại Southern California University (Hoa Kỳ)

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Management, Marketing, & Information Systems (MMIS)
AB, University of Santo Tomas-Manila;
MA, Thammasat University-Bangkok;
MBA, Andrews University;
PhD, University of South Australia-Hong Kong Ext.

Management, Marketing, & Information Systems (MMIS)
BBA, Andrews University;
MHA, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH;
PhD, Regent University, Virginia Beach, VA.

Carmelita Troy, Associate Professor of Accounting
BS, Pacific Union College;
MBA, Andrews University;
PhD, University of Maryland College Park

Management, Marketing, & Information Systems (MMIS)
BA, Auburn University; MA,
PhD, Northwestern University
(Holds joint appointment in the SDA Theological Seminary)

Alan J. Kirkpatrick, Associate Professor of Finance BA, University of South Florida; MBA, Georgia State University; DBA, University of Tennessee

Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems
BS, Columbia Union College;
MSA, Central Michigan University;
DBA, Nova Southeastern University

Management, Marketing, & Information Systems (MMIS)
BA, University of Puget Sound;
MBA, PhD, Texas A&M University